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About E-Council

Founded on a socially-conscious mission, the e-Council team know what USCIS wants, and we consistently deliver – our stellar track record is testament to this fact! Offering concierge, turnkey visa business immigration services both nationally and globally, e-Council Inc.’s multi-disciplinary team approach incorporates a suite of complementary services designed to support the growth of US companies while creating jobs and helping immigrants seeking the American Dream, offering Cadillac-level service and work product.

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A Team of Professionals

e-Council Inc.’s expert professionals serve as the quarterback and oversee all of the necessary components required for a smooth path to pain-free visa approval. We help our clients to access alternative capital through EB-5 foreign investor program, while also helping foreign nationals seeking entrée to the U.S. to secure visa status. We boast a stellar track record of success in developing customized products designed to support all types of EB-5 and other business immigration visa cases. Our nucleus of experienced strategic partners provides the range of additional services required to raise capital and successfully navigate the complex business visa process.


More than 100 companies have relied on e-Council Inc. to demystify the visa immigration process and to prepare their cases for USCIS approval.

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As part of our scope of work, e-Council Inc.

Vets projects in terms of EB-5 marketability, feasibility and readiness

Determines how to best fit EB-5 funding into the capital stack

Works closely with clients and counsel to ensure the success of the EB-5 process for projects