EB-5 Strategies

Customized EB-5 Strategies

Direct Investment, Regional Center or Regional Center Project

e-Council Inc.’s multi-disciplinary team approach incorporates a suite of complementary EB-5 services.  We can walk you through the process offering services ranging from EB-5 Readiness Assessments to turnkey EB-5 Preparation Services, whether for Regional Centers, Regional Center projects, or Direct Investment cases.

What sets e-Council Inc. apart?

  1. A stellar track record of success and APPROVALS;
  2. The fact that we are an attorney-owned and operated services team that offers comprehensive and customized EB-5 services; and
  3. Client Service, Communication and Responsiveness that are Second to NONE. We KNOW what USCIS wants, and we KNOW how to DELIVER!

Why retain e-Council Inc.?

  • Ensures all project components are delivered
    • ON TIME
  • Keeps all service providers on track
  • Oversees the process and confirms documentation consistency
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Why choose e-Council Inc.?

  • Turnkey EB-5 quarterback
  • Expert navigator of all components of EB-5 process
  • Cadillac-level service and work product

Who is on the e-Council Inc. team?

  • Direct Team – Attorneys, Researchers, MBA’s, CPA’s
  • Strategic Partners – Economists, Attorneys, Administrators, Appraisers, Broker-Dealers, Agents

What does e-Council Inc. do?

  • Project Assessments
  • Capital Stack analysis
  • Works to ensure EB-5 project success
  • Oversees all project components including Matter of Ho-compliant business plans, legal documentation filing & fundraising

AND, e-Council Inc.‘s best-in-class, comprehensive, credible EB-5 Business Plans comply with Matter of Ho which requires the following elements be included:

  • Description of the Business
  • Business Structure
  • Marketing Plan with target market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Personnel Experience
  • Required Licenses and Permits
  • Staffing Timetable for Hiring
  • Job Descriptions
  • Budget and Financial Projections including Sources and Uses of Funds
e-Council Inc.’s EB-5 Services

Our EB-5 services cover:

1. Regional Center applications including a hypothetical, actual or exemplar project

2. Regional Center Projects

3. Direct Investment Cases

e-Council Inc.’s specialized EB-5 Business Plan services include:

1. Transitional Business Plan – for those seeking to revise their existing Business Plans to comply with EB-5 requirements.

2. Fundamentals BP – all the basic EB-5 Business Plan requirements needed for approval without the bells and whistles.

3. GAP Analysis – comprehensive analysis and report outlining gaps that need to be addressed for existing Business Plans to satisfy EB-5 requirements.


Ancillary EB-5 services offered:

  • EB-5 Readiness Assessments (Due Diligence) (Project Developers seeking EB-5 Capital – is your project ready for EB-5?  Investors – What is your best path to EB-5?)
  • Market Feasibility Studies (a study providing an objective, unbiased evaluation and analysis of the project including industry data and industry trends, strengths and weaknesses, some financial analysis, operational and economic factors).
  • Economic Impact Reports (prepared by qualified Economists using USCIS-approved input/output models to “count” jobs)
  • Pro Forma Financial Projections (prepared by qualified CPA experienced with EB-5; includes sources & uses data)

EB-5 Approval Requirements:

1. Investment of capital:

A. $1MM minimum = metro area OR $500K minimum IF IN A rural area or TEA Targeted Employment Area = area experiencing unemployment of >150% of the national average.

B. Investment must be tangible,

C. Irrevocably committed & at risk,

D. For a minimum of 2 years,

E. From a lawful source,

2. The investment must be in a new, for-profit, commercial or troubled entity

Troubled Entity: in existence at least 2 years and experiencing at least a 20% net loss during the 12 or 24 month period prior.

3. The investment must create or preserve 10+ full-time direct or indirect jobs (indirect jobs are only applicable in a Regional Center context) within 2 years of the investor’s admission to the U.S. – Preserved jobs are only valid in circumstances of a troubled entity.

e-Council Inc. has worked with clients on numerous EB-5 cases ranging from setting up Regional Centers to preparing Regional Center projects to developing EB-5 direct investment cases. Well over 100 companies have relied on e-Council Inc. to demystify the complex EB-5 process and prepare their projects for USCIS, and even to oversee the complicated fundraising process.

References available upon request.

At all stages, producing high-quality work product and being responsive to all parties in the mix while ensuring client satisfaction are e-Council Inc.’s top priorities.