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Don't overlook potential revenue from foreign investors! You need a system in place to reach these investors, market them, and guide them through the U.S. immigration maze. Don't miss out on such an impactful opportunity!

Our team of legal and business experts have assisted in developing a tool that will help your franchise's foreign investor marketing.

Leverage our talented business strategists and attorneys with experiences in navigating the complex world of foreign investment in the U.S. Plus, you'll also have access to our proprietary "Franchise Analysis Report."

Our Franchise Analysis Report Assesses Your Business Using 3 Analytical Methods:

  • Immigration Visa Analysis

In our Immigration Visa Analysis, we will provide tools to enable investors to compare and contrast the E-2, EB-5, and L-1 visa requirements (and how your franchise(s) meet these requirements). We'll also outline how prospective investors may qualify for each particular visa.

  • Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis provides an easy-to-follow chart which will guide you through a traditional analysis of your competition. This will help in identifying differentiators to prospective investors.

  • Jobs Analysis

Prepared by an experienced economist that specializes in EB-5, the Jobs Analysis section is an amazing addition. Not only will this analysis meet EB-5 requirements, it will also exceed those for both E-2 and L-1.

You'll Also Recieve our Official Seal of Approval!

The e-Council Seal of Approval represents our history of success in the business immigration industry, and therefore enhances the credibility of the franchise’s efforts to attract Foreign Investors.


e-Council Inc. Personal Strategy Session  

Each report includes a strategy session with an e-Council expert. This meeting will cover your company's strategy, international positioning, and how we can guide you in developing and implementing your marketing plan.

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