Investor Services: Navigating the Complicated World of Business Immigration

Investor Services: Navigating the Complicated World of Business Immigration

Business immigration programs are complex and competitive, necessitating a level of expertise to successfully negotiate the processes. Potential investors and other immigrants are often unfamiliar with the legal requirements, financial requirements, and government regulations that are all part of the process. It takes just one mistake or missed deadline to derail the entire application process and thus delay the immigration timeline – and a lot of this is avoidable!

Despite these challenges, many business immigration programs are incredibly popular, and with good reason. Foreign nationals who are eager to participate in and contribute to the U.S. economy while gaining the right to a non-immigrant visa, resident green card, and/or other options are expressing interest in, and applying for, these programs.

Opportunity is a great motivator – but if you don’t know where to start you will no doubt waste time, energy and money chasing the wrong type of visa. We’ve worked with numerous clients who were doing just that, diligently trying their best to complete the wrong application or engage in the wrong business or make the wrong investment. Here are just a few questions to consider when you’re considering which option is most appropriate for your situation:

  • Do you already own a business and wish to expand it here in the U.S.?
  • Do you plan to hire professionals in the U.S.?
  • Are you a citizen of an investor treaty country?
  • Would you like to buy an established U.S. business?

You may or may not know the answer to each of these questions, but even if you do, what then? Do you know which business visa is right for you?

Our Investor Services team provides the expertise and know-how to guide you – whatever your situation and needs may be – through the complex process, literally from the first moment through to the successful completion of the appropriate application. We start by ensuring that every aspect of your situation is accurately evaluated in order to guide you to the correct application/petition. From there, our team of experts coordinates all of the entities and people needed to satisfy your investment requirements and oversees each and every step from start to finish. The e-Council Inc. team includes licensed specialized attorneys, licensed business brokers, certified public accountants, experienced market researchers and business plan designers. In short, we’ve thought of – and think of – everything, so you don’t have to!

In order to get started,  click here and fill out the form on the right side of the page. One of our business visa experts will contact you to set up a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss your options, and we’ll go from there. You can also contact us directly at or 1.866.724.0085.

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